The Squire is the elected leader of the side. The Squire speaks for the side in public, arranges the programme for a performance and usually leads and calls the dances.

Our current Squire is Bob Dodson.


The Foreman teaches the dances to the dancers and, inevitably, influences the style of dancing that results. It is a continual task, since new dancers join the side each year and the selection of dances changes over time.

Our current Foremen are Marilyn Cox and Jenny Broom.


Traditionally, the Bagman looked after the 'bag', the side's funds, and had a minor role as secretary. Today, a major role for the Bagman is the management of the year's dance programme, taking bookings and liaising with event organisers, including pub landlords. If you would like a morris side to perform at an event you are organising, your first point of contact should be the Bagman. The New Forest Meddlars is a popular side so, if you are thinking of booking us, don't leave it to the last moment!

Our current Bagman is Michelle Shirley.


The Swagman looks after the management of the side's finances and, apart from dealing with our bank account, handles booking fees, the issuing of cheques and donations to our supported charity.

Our current Swagman is Pam Burrows.

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